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I. Baseline E3SM Land Model (ELM) Simulation in Northern High Latitude Region for NGEE-Arctic Project

ELM version: E3SM master @ 2018-11-01, commit b0f0d4d
Region: N60o and Above
Resolution: half-degree
Offline forcing: GSWPv2 1900-2014, CPL-BYPASS version

I-1. ILAMB Application to ELM Simulation

ILAMB @ 2018-06-27, Tag v2.3

I-1a. Simulations vs. ILAMB data packages

ILAMB Results in ELM-HighLat

I-1b. Comparisons of multiple models vs. ILAMB data packages

ILAMB Results for ELM-HighLat vs. CLM

I-1c. A modification in ELM phenology

Allow plant spring onset to be starting in any period in whole summer
(E3SM branch: fmyuan/lnd/elm-userpft_v2, committed @ 2020-02-21, commit 945065669 )

ILAMB Results for a ELM phenological modification

I-2. NCAR's Land Disgnosis Tools Application to ELM Simulation

I-2a. Simulation vs. NCAR's lnd_diagnosis v4.2.28 data packages

Land-Diagnosis Plots

II. ELM Simulation with NGEE-Arctic produced land Surface datasets


III. ELM Simulation with BGC coupled PFLOTRAN